AFSCME Florida’s newest members are air, ground and emergency department paramedics and dispatchers who rescue our sickest Floridians between Pensacola to the Villages, with trips overseas as medical necessity dictates. Hear about their work and decision to unionize from several news stories.

UF Shands paramedics, dispatchers unionize

UF Health Shands Hospital’s Flight Paramedics, Dispatchers Form Union 

Gainesville – Flight and ground paramedics, along with dispatchers who work for UF Health Shands to respond to those in need around north Florida, and even internationally, voted unanimously to form a union with AFSCME Florida on Tuesday, August 30. The health care first responders are focused on improving the safety of their working conditions, ensuring adequate training and raising compensation to industry standards.  

We know what our union means to us. We have power on the job, and that means we earn a fair share for the work we do. Unions also mean exercising our personal freedoms—to be who we are inside and outside the workplace. From making sure we have the health care we need, to protecting our reproductive freedom, unions are key to the prosperity of working families. 

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Tuesday, August 23 is Florida's Primary Election.

Primary Endorsements

2022 primary endorsements

Here are the candidates AFSCME Florida members have endorsed through our PEOPLE committee. More >>

AFSCME is partnering with EMILY's List on a nine-week training led by AFSCME Secretary-Treasurer Elissa McBride to help members develop their political skills, leadership, and confidence in potentially running for office.

The fellowship will launch October 8, 2022, 12:00 noon, EST and will be capped at 30 participants. Participants should expect 2-3 hours of work per week, either in session or doing homework and other projects. The fellowship will cover a variety of topics for potential candidates, including: