With a new agreement for the next three years ratified to begin in October, AFSCME members in the City of South Miami, Local 3294, are posed to weather economic uncertainty and make progress. With concerns about increasing costs mounting, President Randy Brown and his team were able to forge an agreement to double potential salary increases based on the consumer price index (CPI) from a 3% maximum up to 6%. 

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Cris Serrano, Organizing Director for AFSCME Florida, joined the America’s Work Force Union Podcast and discussed organizing strategies, both internal and external, to grow union membership in Florida, a So-Called “Right to Work” state.

Activists from around the state met with our union siblings across the country and some from around the world this week to educate one another, advocate for social justice and resolve to strengthen our union movement. Here is what several AFSCME Florida members reported back when asked about the experience. 

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Do you know which AFSCME Florida contract covers so many workers it requires a week-long ratification at 60 sites across the state to give its more than 41,000 bargaining unit members an opportunity to participate? If you guessed AFSCME’s State Employee agreement, that would be correct. 

With a $3,500 bonus for this year, AFSCME Local 3346 members at Florida International University held on-campus ratifications Monday, June 13, to meet with members, conduct a ratification vote and reach potential members in the bargaining unit.  

The local’s members work with students in enrollment, clerical, security and custodial roles at the 55,000-student university.