AFSCME and SEIU Members Unite in Endorsing Annette Taddeo

Today, the members of SEIU Florida and AFSCME Florida are proud to announce a joint endorsement of Annette Taddeo in her campaign to strengthen and amplify the voices of working Floridians in the state senate and across the State of Florida. 

“We have a great opportunity to elect Annette Taddeo who has a proven track record of being a passionate and determined voice for the residents of Senate District 40,” said Monica Russo, President of SEIU Florida. “Annette brings both grace and grit to this crucial race. She is a fighter and a negotiator. Should she win, expect Annette Taddeo to go toe-to-toe with the power structure to fight for the rights of working folks.”

Taddeo’s candidacy has excited members because of her strong understanding of the issues South Floridians face, her plans to tackle income inequality and focus state government on the needs of working people instead of corporate CEOs and her commitment to protecting workplace freedoms.

Representing more than 6,000 workers in Senate District 40, AFSCME Florida and SEIU Florida will run an aggressive joint program focused on the needs and aspirations of their members and other working class families in the district by detailing what is at stake, energizing them to vote, volunteer, and recruit their neighbors to vote for a Senator who will fight for their needs.

"At a time when Tallahassee is in desperate need of new ideas and a commitment to transparency, Annette Taddeo is the leader we need,” said Andy Madtes, Executive Director of AFSCME Florida. “SEIU and AFSCME stand united in Florida to make sure the voice of the working men and women is heard loud and clear in this important special election.”