AFSCME Florida Statement on GOP’s Congressional Tax Plan

AFSCME Florida executive director Andy Madtes released the following statement on the GOP tax plan released today. AFSCME Florida will mobilize members, retirees and allies to put pressure on Congressional members from both parties to reject this plan:

“The regressive tax plan released by Congressional leaders today will hurt the communities that AFSCME Florida members work around the clock to keep safe, healthy and strong. Hurricane Irma exposed in far too many ways how working families are already struggling while the super wealthy and corporations have rigged the rules to their own benefit. Now Congress will use partisan games to force cuts to Medicare, Medicaid and other vital programs to pay for more tax cuts to millionaires and big corporations who already avoid paying their fair share.

“The same families the GOP Congress and this president promised to help are picking up the tab again. Under their plan, the only tax breaks being eliminated are those that benefit the working families and, in fact, many middle-class families would see their taxes go up with the reduction of proven tax breaks that have made saving for retirement or getting a college degree possible.

“Florida’s economy, now more than ever, needs leaders who will stand up for the very workers that built this state, are rebuilding it after Hurricane Irma and are making it ready to weather whatever comes at us next. We need a plan that rewards work, supports our communities and secures our retirement. Unfortunately, this dangerous tax plan doubles down on the same policies that have only helped the rich and powerful grow more rich and powerful, and failed the rest of us for decades.”