AFSCME Florida Statement on State of the State Address

AFSCME Florida released the following statement from executive director Andy Madtes on Governor Rick Scott’s State of the State address:

“Governor Scott called for people to work together so Floridians can achieve their personal and professional dreams here in the Sunshine State. It is right to set ambitious goals but there must be a group dedicated to turning those into achievements, and that task falls to Florida’s state employees.

“While, as Gov. Scott pointed out, the state adds more than 1,000 new residents a day, state employees have seen their numbers slashed, careers come under attack and their compensation frozen in time. The state of state workers is one of crisis so if we want to achieve our shared goals tomorrow, we need build the foundation to do so today.

“AFSCME Florida hopes to work with Gov. Scott and the legislature to ensure we are investing in quality public services and those who provide them through proper staffing levels, the compensation necessary to attract good employees and ways we can deliver a budget that works for all stakeholders.”