The Legislature Did Their Voting, Now We Vote

Tallahassee, FL – AFSCME Florida released the following statement from executive director Andy Madtes on the lack of a pay raise for state employees in this state legislative session:

“It has now been nine years since Florida’s state employees have seen a pay raise. That is a staggering figure especially for a state that, in its third straight session with a budget surplus, has enough taxpayer money to spend $70 million in permanent tax giveaways to manufacturing corporations on top of $429 million in recurring revenue losses approved last year. In comparison, an overdue 3 percent across-the-board pay raise for state workers and university employees would be only $263 million.

“Throughout the session we all saw how the failure to invest in our workforce and the services they provide has resulted in an aging and shrinking workforce with higher turnover that cannot keep up with the growing demands of a 21st century state.

“Actions speak louder than words. While we had many good conversations with legislatures on both sides of the aisle and in the governor’s office, it is clear that they don’t care about delivering the services Floridians deserve from their taxes nor do they respect the workers who make the Sunshine State happen every day.

“Nine years. A state worker who was starting a family now is wondering how they will save enough for their child’s college. A state worker who was in the prime of their career is now wondering how they will make it in retirement. And young worker who wants to dedicate themselves to bettering their state will be looking to move.

“The legislature has had their say and cast their votes on state workers for nine years. Now, in nine months, it is our turn to voice our say at the ballot box.”