Advocating for increases in starting and longevity pay

A Florida Phoenix article reports: 

Union leaders argue that increasing the starting pay for low-paid state workers could help alleviate staffing shortages at agencies by attracting new workers.

That said, AFSCME Florida is pushing for pay raises for seasoned state workers, as well. In late January, officials from several state agencies testified during a Senate committee meeting that higher paying jobs in the private sector that opened up during the COVID-19 pandemic have “exacerbated hiring problems” for the state government, according to a Tallahassee Democrat report.

“Senate President Simpson’s $15 per hour is a good place to start and across-the-board increases can help reward longevity to retain experienced, caring workers who have expertise in their professions and provide valuable services in our communities,” Vicki Hall, president of AFSCME Florida, said in an email to the Phoenix.

“Starting pay is critical to set the floor for state workers. State management has recognized severe staffing shortages due to a flood of better-paying positions in the private sector.”

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