AFSCME Members Beat Back Anti-Worker Bills

The 2021 Florida legislative session has come to a close and despite numerous attacks on working people from out-of-state big business interests, the hard working public service workers with AFSCME have prevailed. This is a direct result of dedicated members across Florida who answered the call to raise our voices in opposition to corporate CEOs who are attempting to advance their own interests in the halls of power at the expense of our freedom to join together and have a voice on the job.

Thanks to AFSCME members who stood up, made calls, sent emails, and took part in actions to fight back against these horrendous bills, our right to negotiate for fair wages, benefits, and working conditions is protected. Today we celebrate this historic victory for working people in Florida. 

However, we know these political attacks on our freedom, workplace rights and pensions will return once again next year. Strong unions are a threat to the powerful few who would prefer to see public employees make poverty wages. They know that when we join together, we have the power in numbers to improve our lives and empower our communities. We simply can’t let them win. 

In order to ward off the threats we expect to see next year and protect our jobs and financial security, AFSCME Florida with the help of AFSCME International will be launching a robust organizing campaign to build the strongest public union the state of Florida has ever seen. We have a plan create as many majority union bargaining units across the state as possible to continue to promote freedom and opportunity for all working people in the sunshine state. 

Let’s make history together. To help with AFSCME Florida’s efforts to protect our jobs, financial security and future, shoot us an email at [email protected].