AFSCME Members Stand Up and Fight Against SB 1014

Over the course of the 2021 Florida legislative session, AFSCME members across Florida have been sounding the alarm about the dangers posed by Florida Senate Bill 1014 and it's companion, House Bill 835. This anti-worker legislation is being pushed by out-of-state corporate interests in order to weaken worker voices on the job and destroy our freedom to join with our colleagues and advocate for workplace protections, better pay, and benefits.

Make no mistake,  these bills are intended to dismantle public sector unions in Florida and obliterate our freedom to join together and have a voice.

Frontline workers with AFSCME recently held rallies in MiamiTampaJacksonville, and Tallahassee fighting back against this legislation. Over the last two month, our members have placed hundreds of phone calls and written over 1,500 letters to legislators urging them to stand with working families and reject this blatant attempt to rob us of our rights. As we enter the final week of the session, it's begining to appear like our voices are being heard but we can't let our guard down just yet. These bills can come back at any time and are still a very real threat to our collective voice on the job.  


We must keep fighting to protect our voice on the job. Even if you've already contacted your state representative, please do so again. We can't let our guard down while this anti-worker legislation is still alive.

Call your state representative at 1-844-686-0234 (and click here to write them) and tell them to stand with frontline workers and reject this anti-worker legislation. Our rights on the job depend on having a strong union voice in the workplace.