Naples Local Shows Unity In Negotiations

When the City Council rejects a Tentative Agreement negotiated in good faith, what do you do? While a host of administrative and legal remedies could be considered, around 40 bargaining unit members of Local 2017, representing municipal workers from a variety of positions in Naples, decided to march into negotiations Wednesday, October 27, to show unity and resolve. 

Wearing their work t-shirts and office wear, the public utility workers, secretaries, beach safety patrol workers and many others playing essential functions in a 213 person bargaining unit, filled the room to send a strong message calling for a fair contract. 

The result is a new deal broadening non-discrimination language, doubling ability to accumulate comp time and earning raises of four and five percent this year and next year with longevity increases added for the first time. 

This form of direct action is a stable of union tactics and embodies the collective spirit of unions in advocating for fairness, equity and economic justice. “We appreciate and are proud of the active members of the Local,” said the Executive Board of 2017 in a statement.