Retirees Step Up Candidate Education at Start of Critical Election Year

The ringing in of a new year brings with it the start of a critical campaign cycle. While the candidates and pundits have been hard at work for months, most Floridians are just now tuning in. And the candidates themselves are increasing their efforts to connect with voters and learn about the issues on their minds.

That includes AFSCME retirees, some of who recently spoke with Congressman Charlie Crist about what they care about and what he should prioritize as he fills out his stance on the issues. AFSCME Retiree President Dave Jacobsen and Trustee Elizabeth Judd engaged with the Crist campaign and presented proposals to restore the cost-of-living adjustment (COLA) to Florida Retirement System (FRS) participants and increase the Health Insurance Subsidy (HIS), a subsidy payment to retired members or a qualified beneficiary to assist in the payment of health insurance costs.

"I presented those proposals to the Crist campaign, and they were adopted,” Jacobsen said. The Tampa Bay Times reported on Crist’s outreach to seniors, including that,

“...[H]is platform also includes lowering the cost of prescription drugs, paying for home renovations like wheelchair ramps through Medicaid, spot-checking nursing homes to make sure regulations are being enforced, making it easier to vote by mail and restoring cost-of-living adjustments for the Florida Retirement System.  

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