Voting Rights Are ‘Under Siege’ - Here’s What You Can Do

Our right to vote means we have a voice in our communities, in our society and on issues that impact our work. As AFSCME Florida members, we will always work to raise awareness of the important issues impacting working families in every election — from local commissioner to governor and president. 

That’s why we applaud the recent federal court ruling that affirmed the importance of the availability of ballot drop boxes to make voting more convenient. It also protected early voting days which are equally critical, especially the Sundays that have become famous for our Souls to the Polls campaigns. 

We will continue through our PEOPLE committees to remind members to update their registrations and make sure every one in the family is registered properly using tools such as

AFSCME Florida will continue to support community partners such as the non-partisan League of Women Voters and the Alliance for Retired Americans who successfully acted to bring suit protecting voting rights and the will of voters as expressed through referendums to return the franchise to previously incarcerated citizens returning to our communities.

This ruling is important because it protects our rights, but we must exercise them vigorously in registering, voting and advocating for elected leaders who respect working families and the vital role AFSCME Florida members play in our communities. 

Please join this effort today by making sure you and everyone in your household is registered properly and joining PEOPLE.