Our 2018 Florida Legislative Priorities

AFSCME Florida members won real victories in 2017 on issues critical to our jobs, our retirement and our communities. With your help, we will build on that momentum in this session. Please feel free to reach out to AFSCME Florida's political director, Jacqui Carmona, directly with any questions regarding legislation.

Bully Bill - HB1/SB1172

Known as the School of Hope Scholarship fund this bill allows students who are victims of bullying to be awarded a scholarship from the state to attend a private school and towards transportation. The creation of such voucher would result in a net loss to the state of between $34 and $40 million annually.

We oppose it because it unnecessarily reallocates funding from public schools to private schools.

Sanctuary Cities Ban – HB 9/SB 308

Would require public workers, not just those in law enforcement, to serve as defacto immigration enforcement agents by removing the right for communities to become sanctuary cities for immigrant workers.

We oppose this anti-immigrant legislation.

Anti-Union Decertification – HB 25/SB 1036

This legislation would require labor unions to submit the number of dues paying members that they have as well as the total number of people in the bargaining unit. If the number of dues paying members is under 50%, they would have to petition to keep their certification or it would be revoked if they did not comply.

We oppose this anti-union legislation.

Resign-To-Run – HB 105/SB 186

This would require any elected official to resign to run for another elected position.

We are monitoring this bill because of its massive impact it could create regarding vacancies and special elections on both the local and state levels.

Supermajority Vote to Increase Taxes or Fees – HB 7001/ SB 1742

This legislation would simply make it so that it would require a 2/3 vote of the legislature to increase fees or taxes. We oppose this bill because it means that it would require a supermajority vote of both the House and the Senate to pass any type of legislation that would increase public revenue.

We oppose this legislation.

Mental Health State Facility reclassification- HB0493- Senate in bill draft

This bill reclassifies employees that spend 75% of their time in direct contact with residents at Florida State Hospital, NE FL state hospital, and N. FL Evaluation and treatment Center.

We support this legislation because we believe that the hard work of our members at State mental health facilities should be fairly compensated due to the violent nature of interactions that occur with residents on a regular basis.

Title 1 School Level Funding HB1431/SB1152

Allow school districts to allocate Title 1 funds to eligible schools based on poverty level as well as other specific school needs, in accordance with federal law.

We support this legislation because we believe that services should be shared through centralized locations to give the district the best return on investment.

Pending Legislation

In bill draft we have a reclassification bill that would move Police Service Aides into the special risk class.