The following resolutions were adopted by the PEOPLE convention September 17. 

PDF icon Supporting People: That each PEOPLE committee in the state of Florida will work with each local in their area to encourage members enrollment and involvement in their regional PEOPLE committee.

PDF icon Stopping Anti-Union Legislation:  AFSCME leaders will continue to educate our locals and co-workers on the dangers of anti-union legislation and be prepared to mobilize and fight back against any attempt to silence our voices.

PDF icon Joining Retiree Chapters:  That upon retirement, AFSCME Florida Council 79 members will join the AFSCME Florida Council 79 retiree subchapters and continue to advocate for the interests of workers and retirees.

PDF icon Confronting Racism and Prejudice:  AFSCME Florida Council 79 will educate our members about the dangers of structural racism, prejudice  and will dedicate resources, to better our union.

PDF icon Running for Political Office:  That AFSCME Florida Council 79 supports members who run for political office and will continue to do so.

PDF icon Young Workers:  That AFSCME local unions to work to recruit young workers in our locals and train them to become future AFSCME local union leaders.

PDF icon Return Three Percent COLA:  Resolution of AFSCME Council 79 Retirees Propose a Return to the FRS 3% COLA for Retirees Retired after July 2011

PDF icon Creation of an Annual COLA to the Health Insurance Subsidy Benefit