Verricka Lamb

We Make Florida Happen: Celebrating AFSCME Workers and the Vital Services We Provide To The Public

Resident: Tallahassee
Title: Government Operations Consultant
Agency: Agency For Healthcare Administration
Department: Banking And Finance  
Start date: 2006 

Verricka's story:

"I oversee banking operations and banking contracts for Florida Medicaid. 

I know firsthand how lifesaving it is to have medicaid. When I was in between jobs and didn’t have insurance, my daughter got sick and was hospitalized for over a month. I was so scared. That’s something no parent ever wants to experience. But thankfully, I was able to obtain emergency medicaid assistance. It helped save my child’s life and got us through A rough patch. 

As a Government Operations Consultant, i’m giving back to the program that helped my family. In my role, I make sure that providers are funded so that they can continue to provide quality care for families in Florida. 

We are challenged when we have to fight with upper management just for the resources the staff needs to perform everything really well, just to be heard and feel like are appreciated rather than being a puppet thrown from here to there. By joining together in A union, we help push back on those who use favoritism as A managerial approach, rather than valuing the experience of those of us who have committed to our work here for many years and demonstrate the expertise we have developed. 

My role is perfect for me because it pairs my love for numbers and my love for helping people! I consider myself A resource center for providers and recipients."