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Protect your career for little more than a dollar a day. You can protect your job and your future by joining a team of state county and municipal employees dedicated to serving the public needs. Be part of an organization that has successfully protected public employees and their benefits!

President Jeanette Wynn has led a push to get the largest percentage of Gadsden county voters to the polls in history. During her tenure as president of AFSCME, Gadsden county has been a consensus leader in voter turnout. And in 2014, her efforts has been as aggressive as anytime during her tenure.

Watch MSNBC tonight at 6:00 PM EST as he discusses his recent visit to Miami with AFSCME President Lee Saunders.

Senator Warren has a message for AFSCME members. While Senator Warren is not on a ballot this November, she reminds us why it’s so important that we get out to vote this fall.


We will never forget.


It is way past time Congress understood that women's issues are not an afterthought but are of critical importance to the economic health and well-being of our nation.


We asked AFSCME members to share their talent on stage at the 41st International Convention and the results were amazing.


Read between the lines, because Charles Koch's toxic vision for our country is still evident.


Rep. Paul Ryan keeps trotting out the same old plans to shred the U.S. safety net but calls it something else. His most recent scheme to cut anti-poverty programs comes with buzzwords like “innovation” and “flexibility,” but it’s the same tired ideas.


Opponents of labor unions were rubbing their hands gleefully earlier this summer when the Supreme Court ruled that home care workers didn't have to pay "fair share" fees. But our union is a testament to the power of collective action.


Watch AFSCME member Maricruz Manzanarez's powerful story on why we need immigration reform.


In a rousing keynote address at AFSCME's 41st International Convention in Chicago, Secretary-Treasurer Laura Reyes told the assembled delegates that unions do make a difference. Click through to watch the video highlights.


We kicked off the 41st International Convention in Chicago with some big news: our union is 92,155 members stronger today than it was just a few months ago. Watch highlights of Pres. Saunders' speech by clicking through.


The Supreme Court ruled on Monday that home care and child care providers members were not required to pay fair share dues.


Home care and child care workers will continue to stand up for quality care in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling in Harris v. Quinn.



 The Regional Director, under the direction of the Council President, coordinates delivery of services to affiliated local unions, and supervises the planning of resources and personnel of the Jacksonville Regional Office. Position is responsible for development and implementation of training programs, arbitration and labor contract negotiations, external organizing campaigns, as well as political action to promote membership growth.

Must be able to travel throughout the State of Florida, have a valid driver’s license, reliable vehicle, and be insurable at the Council’s required levels. Individual will be required to successfully pass the Council’s background screening. Position closes July 10, 2014. Interested applicants are to email a resume, and cover letter with desired salary to (click here to email your resume and cover letter).

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EMTs and paramedics suffer three times as many workplace injuries as the national average.


PayWatch Raises Awareness about Income Inequality Read more >>>


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AFSCME'S Mike Ebersol Says the legislature has unfinished business.

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New AFSCME campaign will grow the union by 50,000 members before the 2014 Convention in July. Read more >>>

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Jack Didenedetto, President Wynn and Richard Flamm(as pictured) Made the rounds of the Capitol speaking about AFSCME Council 79 issues.

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Glenn Holcomb, President Local 3041 Speaks to Legislators about pay raises for state employees.

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As Reported By Dr. Richard Flamm

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 Repbulican Senator Greg Evers opposes FRS overhaul, unless employees get a 50 percent pay raise. Read more HERE


Read more about it in the Tallahassee Democrat

Read more about it in the Tallahassee Democrat

State Worker Deserve Respect

A recent opinion piece in the Tallahassee Democrat – Our Opinion: The Usual
pointed out Gov. Rick Scott’s failure to acknowledge state workers in his recent State of the State. AFSCME Florida Council 79 President Jeanette Wynn had the following response to the op-ed:

It wasn’t much of a State of the State address the governor delivered, because he hasn’t been much of a leader for all in the state of Florida.
I have lived and worked in the Tallahassee area all my life. I started my career as a state hospital technician and later worked as a rehabilitation specialist. I have been a union activist for more than four decades and never have state workers been more disrespected by a governor. Therefore his blatant omission of the very people who keep the state operational doesn’t surprise those of us who suffered the most since his election.
Year after year he has chipped away at our paychecks and our retirement. We are the first to make sacrifices when times are difficult and the last to be compensated when the state is doing well.
Governor, we are not the enemy. We are the people who maintain the state highways so that Floridians and tourists can travel safely throughout the state. We are the office staff who analyze and translate state laws; we work in state mental health facilities; we are probation officers, juvenile justice workers, librarians and fingerprint specialists. We are teachers, firefighters and police officers, and we are Floridians worthy of recognition and respect.

President Jeanette Wynn
AFSCME Florida Council 79

General Bill by Ray (CO-SPONSORS) Davis; Fullwood; Jones, M.; McBurney
Public Retirement Plans:

Specifies applicability of ch. 185, F.S., to certain consolidated governments; provides that consolidated government that has entered into interlocal agreement to provide police protection services to municipality within its boundaries is eligible to receive premium taxes reported for municipality; authorizes municipality receiving police protection services to enact an ordinance levying tax as provided by law; including certain consolidated governments under provisions authorizing imposition of state excise tax on casualty insurance premiums covering certain property.

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 SB 388: Public Retirement Plans

Public Retirement Plans; Providing that a consolidated government that has entered into an interlocal agreement to provide police protection services to a municipality within its boundaries is eligible to receive the premium taxes reported for the municipality under certain circumstances; authorizing the municipality receiving the police protection services to enact an ordinance levying the tax as provided by law, etc.

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