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From the break of dawn on Miami’s shores to well after the sun sets across Pensacola’s beaches, the hardworking men and women of the American Federation of State County and Municipal Employees (AFSCME) make Florida happen. From Collier County to Clay County, the home of America’s first settlement in St. Augustine to mile marker zero in Key West, our members can be found providing the vital services to make the lives of citizens across the Sunshine State better through a shared commitment to public service. As Florida’s fastest growing union, we are a proud part of a national union that advocates for fairness in the workplace, excellence in public services and opportunity for all working families. 

State management has been showing precious little compassion and care by disregarding public health measures which would safeguard the general public and workers, AFSCME Florida President Vicki Hal

With several hundred new custodians to Miami-Dade County Public Schools participating in training on everything from safety to how to manage their benefits, AFSCME Local 1184 members, along w

By passing President Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda, we can make transformational investments in public services, create good union jobs, cut middle-class taxes, expand health care coverage and so much more. The plan will make significant investments in America’s physical and human infrastructure — everything from roads and bridges to child care and home care to lowering the costs of prescription drugs and improving Medicare — all by asking the wealthy to pay their fair share.

Join public service workers across the country encouraging their elected officials to support working families and invest in our communities.

Tell Congress: Pass the full Build Back Better agenda.  

AFSCME Retirees gave back to their communities through decades of hard work, but even in retirement they never quit. Strong pensions, Social Security and Medicare give us the freedom to enjoy our retirement. Public service retirees have the power to protect our retirement security. The first step is to join us!

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