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During your work life, you had a strong union -- AFSCME. Now, no matter where you worked or where you lived, get active through AFSCME Florida to protect what you worked so hard for.

As an AFSCME member, you know the value of union representation. It's the key to a secure income and dependable health care coverage. The same is true when you're retired. So, let AFSCME Florida be your retirement union, so you'll be able to rely on the same kind of protection you had on the job.

Join an AFSCME retiree chapter and unite with fellow retirees to protect and improve your retirement benefits. Our chapters lobby Congress, appeal to state legislators and are even involved with county and city officials in the effort to defend retirement security, support workers and protect the American Dream for future generations.

As the nation’s largest organization of public-sector retirees and the fastest-growing retiree organization in the entire labor movement, the AFSCME Retirees keeps members up to date on congressional action. It is the leading voice for public-sector retirees on Capitol Hill and in the senior citizen community.

So join the AFSCME Retirees today! Our strength is your security. And make sure to read PrimeTime, AFSCME's retiree newsletter.


Retiree Subchapter 39

Judy Drake
Tampa and Gulf Coast Area

(941) 753-2132

Retiree Subchapter 40

Carol Ann Loehndorf (State President)
West Palm Beach and East Coast Area

(561) 832-0927

Retiree Subchapter 42

Betty Tolen
Jacksonville and North Florida Area

(904) 783-0935

Retiree Subchapter 43

David Jacobsen
Tallahassee and Panhandle Area

(850) 385-6504

Retiree Subchapter 45

Melba White
Miami and South Florida / Keys Area

(305) 621-6704

AFSCME Florida Retirees in Action

  • Find out what is going on nationally.
  • Free from any fear of retaliation from management and with the time to really dig into the issues retiree members recently started a legislative committee to attend hearings, coalition meetings and events so the voice of labor can be heard loud and clear. Read more.
  • What would it look like if we raised all state employees to $15 per hour? AFSCME Retiree member Dr. Richard Hopkins took a look for the Tallahassee Democrat.
  • It was 80 years ago that President Franklin Roosevelt signed the Social Security Act - and with retirement security under constant attack from the right-wing, we need this vital program now more than ever. Future generations need to be protected when they age - tell Congress to expand Social Security to strengthen our retirement system: Check out the photos of AFSCME Florida retirees helping to take action  
  • Retired social worker Patricia Byrd explains how repealing the Affordable Care Act will hurt her family. See her story here.