Take Action

Stand together to shape the future of Florida

From exercising our voice at work to improve the lives of our coworkers to advocating on behalf of candidates and causes that impact us all.

AFSCME members across Florida are standing up and speaking out. We know we are stronger when we speak with a united voice so to make that as loud and as powerful as possible it takes all of us.

Big change comes from many small steps and one person can have a big impact. So be the change you want to see by taking part in AFSCME Florida actions and shape your future!

The hardworking men and women who keep Duval County Public Schools clean do so while fighting poverty wages of $12/hour. 

Please make sure your contact information is accurate to receive information about member benefits, news and tools you can use. 

Having a voice on the job and a collective bargaining agreement means better pay, better health care, a more secure retirement, and so much more. But all of that is threatened by new laws that would take away our contract by taking away our union.

We can save our contract by signing up 60% or more of our coworkers in the union. This would save our ability to have a say in safety, staffing, and other important issues that help us do our jobs and keep our communities running.

Public service workers do hard things every day and we can save this if we work together. Please help save our contract by sharing who should join you in AFSCME membership.

AFSCME fought to pass the American Rescue Plan and it is already making a difference in the pandemic recovery effort. The child tax credit provides families with the largest tax credit in history. It not only increases the tax credit for families to $3,000 per child between 6-17 years old at the end of 2021 and $3,600 per child under 6 years old, it also allows half to be paid to families in advance through a monthly check or direct deposit. For more information about this relief provided by the Biden administration’s American Rescue Plan, visit https://www.afscme.org/victory.

We know that our communities are safer, healthier and stronger when public service workers – people like our nurses, paramedics, 911 operators, teachers and sanitation workers – have the freedom to join a union and speak up together for their communities. But in 25 states they lack the freedom to negotiate for better pay, benefits and working conditions.

Email your representative: Cosponsor the Public Service Freedom to Negotiate Act.