The AFSCME Florida family grew yesterday after a unit of the medical staff with the Osceola County Corrections Department vote unanimously, seven to zero, in favor of securing their union voice and

Today, the dedicated public service workers of the City of Avon Park voted nearly 95% in favor of retaining their AFSCME contract and representation by AFSCME Local 3597.

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AFSCME members have long known one big advantage of joining a union: better wages.

Tallahassee—Workers lined up at the ballot box over their lunch breaks at Florida A & M University on Tuesday to cast their vote in a historic election: the ratification of a contract that was the result of seven long months of impasse with the administration. The hard fought negotiations for a living wage dragged on over the summer amidst a major budget scandal involving the misuse of millions of dollars at the school that led to the resignation of the Chief Financial Officer.

On Sept. 11, 2001, we as a nation faced a tragedy unique in our history. And we promised each other to never forget — never forget those who lost their lives or those who put their lives on the line to save others.

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LAS VEGAS – Corrections workers have become the first group of state workers to ask to be recognized as AFSCME in contract negotiations since Nevada adopted a law in June giving state employees the right to collectively bargain.

The corrections unit filed for recognition Friday with the state’s Government Employee-Management Relations Board after majority of the staff asked to be represented in contract talks as AFSCME Local 4041.

This year’s winner of the Gerald W. McEntee Scholarship is someone who defends workers' rights, supports her community and is deeply involved in her union. 

Several hundred children across Florida went back to school today with a boost of confidence and brand new back packs filled with everything they'll need on the first day of school thanks to the efforts of AFSCME members across the state. AFSCME Florida Council 79 held back to school cook out events in five cities last weekend from the Panhandle to Miami helping to prepare students for the 2019 school year. "The children are our future," said Vicki Hall, President of AFSCME Florida and the coordinator of the event.