AFSCME Florida Members Demand Legislators Reject Bills That Would Hurt Frontline Workers

Frontline workers across Florida are under attack. Senate Bill 78 and it's companion in the Florida House, HB 947, are designed to make it more difficult for Florida's public workers to join and remain in their Unions. This is a political Union-busting attack on the very men and women we’ve relied on during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Our essential frontline workers.

Despite risking our lives to keep Florida running during this deadly pandemic, out of state special interests are pushing this legislation to deprive our ability to negotiate and successfully advocate for workplace protections. For the past year, public service workers represented by AFSCME have stood courageously on the frontlines against COVID 19 doing everything in their power to keep our communities safe, healthy and strong. These state, county, and municipal workers have risked their health every day to make sure our public services are intact, our schools are clean and sanitized, and our hospitals remain functioning during the worst public health crisis in a century. These are the very people holding our infrastructure together.

At this crucial time, we are dismayed to see legislation in the form of SB 78/ HB 947 that would hurt our frontline workers and prevent them from having a voice on the job. Through our Union, our members have been successful at fighting for common sense safety measures to assure the health of public employees, their families, and our communities. Taking away this voice will create an undue burden on our already stretched essential frontline workers and make it more difficult for them to perform their jobs. Simply put, Senate Bill 78 and House Bill 947 will hurt our public sector workers and do absolutely nothing to improve the situation for our essential workforce and the communities they serve.

Our public service workers deserve thanks; not political attacks from lobbyists and politicians. Tell your Representative to protect our voice and reject this horrible legislation.