It's High Time State Workers Get A Raise!

Last Friday, State employees sat down at the bargaining table with the State of Florida to discuss what the future will look like for nearly 49,000 dedicated public service workers who have not seen a significant pay increase in years. Workers on the bargaining committee proposed a 5% across the board pay increase and a 2% cost of living raise to be implemented in the 2020 State Budget. This is a much needed raise for public servants who provide the vital services to make life better for Florida residents but who have been forced to do so for less and less year after year as the cost of living in the sunshine state soars. If the State does not respond by December 14 when Governor DeSantis, workers will officially be at an impasse.

Florida Workers Deserve a Raise! You Can Help!

Click Here to ​Contact your State Legislator and let them know it's high time State Workers Get a Raise! 

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