Miami Local President Continues Decades Long Commitment to Next Generation

Long time AFSCME union leader and community activist Janice Coakley is passing on her leadership skills to the next generation. The President of Local 3293 in North Miami Beach has been a long time advocate of giving back to her community which is demonstrated by her 30+ years as a Girl Scout Troop Leader in Miami Gardens. "I do this this because I believe in giving back." said Coakley. "I believe in instilling positive values to these young black women so that they can mature into leaders of the next generation."
Raised by a single mother in a family of six, Coakley never had the opportunity to be a girl scout herself as a child. "My mother was very busy, she didn't have a car, so it was not an option I had when I was young, but it's important."
Over her more than three decades as leader of Girl Scout Troop 347, Coakley has made sure that hundreds girls in the North Miami community get that opportunity as they prepare for the challenges of adulthood. "I teach positivity and responsibility to these girls and the power of community service and what it means to give back." Coakley's girl scouts from grades 6 through 12 have earned badges for participating in beach clean ups, veteran's events, drug awareness campaigns, and volunteering with the AFL-CIO.
"It's been an honor and a privilege to have been in the Girl Scouts under the leadership of Ms. Coakley" said A-rawni McPhee, a recent graduate of the Young Women's Prep Academy in Miami and a girl scout under Coakley's leadership for the last nine years. "I was nervous at first because I had heard Ms. Janice was a strict person, but over time I realized that the discipline she taught us is what it takes to succeed; being prompt, never late, sitting in the front, never the back, paying close attention and being a strong public speaker." These are the things Ms. McPhee will be bringing with her when she begins college this Fall at Florida State University.
This past weekend in Miami Gardens, Girl Scout Troop 347 held their graduation award ceremony to honor the young women leaving for college and trade schools. As Ms. Coakley has done for several years, she reminded graduates of the power of unions and labor, and what it means to fight for a voice on the job. "These girls have grown up going to union meetings." Ms Coakley said. They are our future. They've interned, they've studied, and this summer they will have the honor of conducting the flag service at the 2019 South Florida AFL-CIO Legislative Breakfast."
AFSCME Florida honors President Coakley's commitment to public service and building a better community for tomorrow by teaching the next generation to stand up for fairness today. That is what AFSCME is all about.