“This is going to be a game-changer for my household and millions of other retirees like me,” AFSCME Illinois Retiree 

AFSCME members in Hawaii urgently need our help.

 Adrian Andrews of WFSU interviewed AFSCME Florida's Nat Bender, who pointed out that "while most state workers will see their pay go up, the state is also placing more roadblocks on their ability to join a union. SB 256, a plan to eliminate automatic salary withdrawals for union dues, is moving forward over the objections of public employee unions." 

Bender said, “We believe the intent of it is to discourage union members by procedurally making it more difficult for the members to exercise their freedom to join the union.”

Bills of Interest as of 5/1/23

SB256/HB1445 - Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees by Sen Ingoglia, by Rep Black

Please remember to double check your polling places. Due to legislation, if you did not file again to receive a ballot through the mail you will not receive one. Vote early to avoid any Election Day problems on May 16. 

Jim Call writes in the Tallahassee Democrat that staff shortages mixed with a tight job market and low pay makes it hard for the state to fill vacancies. 

Anti-worker SB 256 passed the House of Representatives today. AFSCME Florida Council 79 President and International VP Vicki Hall said: 

 SB256/HB1445 - Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees by Sen Ingoglia, by Rep Black

-        Anti-union legislation

-        Passed Governmental Ops Senate Subcommittee  5 Yeas, 3 Nays

-        Scheduled for Senate Fiscal Policy Subcommittee on 3/16/23 13 Yeas, 7 Nays

-        In House, referred to Govt Ops and State Affairs Subcommittee

-        Scheduled in House on 3/16/23 in Govt Ops Subcommittee Passed 13 Yeas 5 Nays