AFSCME Florida Endorses Yes Vote to Better Fund Manatee County’s Education

AFSCME Florida proudly represents the men and women who make Manatee County Public School happen every day. The bus drivers who make sure our children get to school and home safely every day, the custodians who ensure they have a safe and health place to learn, the food service workers who keep their minds and bodies healthy and the rest of their coworkers in AFSCME Local 1584 never quit on our community.

Today, members unite in strongly endorsing a yes vote on the March 20 measure to better fund Manatee County Public Schools

“Our commitment to the students and families we serve drives everything we do, and it was central to our decision to support a minor increase of less than one-tenth of one percent in some property taxes so we can deliver the education these students deserve,” said Deanna Howell, President of Local 1584 and Bus Driver for 13 years. “For too long we have asked them to compete with not just students around the country but those just in neighboring counties that have better resources and tools.”

AFSCME members will support this measure by contacting coworkers, neighbors and community allies about the issue and why its passage is critical for the county’s future.

“We cannot attract the businesses we need, build the community we want or even develop the next generation of leaders we hope to have if we continue to deliver the type of funding to our children that we have been,” said Robert Hicks, Bus Driver.