Bills of Interest as of 4/17/23

SB256/HB1445 - Employee Organizations Representing Public Employees by Sen Ingoglia, by Rep Black

-        Anti-union legislation

-        Passed Governmental Ops Senate Subcommittee  5 Yeas, 3 Nays

-        Scheduled for Senate Fiscal Policy Subcommittee on 3/16/23 13 Yeas, 7 Nays

-        In House, referred to Govt Ops and State Affairs Subcommittee

-        Scheduled in House on 3/16/23 in Govt Ops Subcommittee Passed 13 Yeas 5 Nays

-        In State Affairs Committee in the House scheduled to be heard on 4/11/23 2pm, passed 14 Yeas. 6 Nays

-        On 3rd reading in Senate, scheduled for a vote on 3/23, passed 23 yeas 17 nays

-        on 2nd reading in House


HB917/SB892 - State Minimum Wage by Rep Yeager, Sen Martin

-        Created to exempt minor league baseball players for state local minimum wage laws

-        Amendment was added on House version on late Friday 4/14/23, ban local counties and municipalities from mandating private contractors who get public money from having to pay a set living wage a

-        Was tped in Commerce Committee in House on 4/17/23


SB7050 - Elections by Ethics and Elections committee

-        Increased voter suppression language 

-        Increased regulations on third party vendors registering voters

-        Possible avenue for “Resign to Run” law for Gov

-        98 pages long

-        Passed Ethics and Elections subcommittee on 4/4/23

-        On Senate Fiscal Policy committee agenda on 4/20/23


SB 170 - Local Ordinances by Sen Jay Trumbull

-        seeks to limit local ordinances passed by creating a fiscal impact to businesses by passing of ordinance, allowing for ordinance to be stayed until after judicial process completes

-        Passed Senate

-        Referred to House Local Administration, Federal Affairs & Special Districts Subcommittee as of 3/9/23

-        In messages

-        On Civil Justice subcommittee in the House 3/20/23, passed committee

-        On 2nd reading in House as of 3/23/23 

SB 94/HB31 - Partisan Election of Members of District School Board by Sen Grueters, by Rep Roach, Sirois, Rudman

-        Proposing amendment to State Constitution to require members of district school board to be elected in a partisan election

-        Referred to Ethics and Elections:Education Pre K-12, Rules Committee in Senate

-        Passed Senate Committee, now in Rules committee scheduled for 4/11/23, passed 14 Yeas, 6 Nays

-        Placed on Special Order Calendar 4/18/23

-        On 2nd reading in the House

-        Passed House; referred to Rules in Senate 

SB266/ HB999 - Higher Education by Sen Grall, Rep Andrade

-        Banning of certain majors 

-        Bans Diversity, equity and inclusion programs on campuses 

-        Creates post tenure review process at anytime for facility and other radical changes

-        Referred to Education Postsecondary: Appropriations Committee on Education: Fiscal Policy subcommittees in Senate

-        Passed Senate, Education Postsecondary on 3/15/23 7 yeas,3 Nays

-        Now in Appropriations Committee on Education in Senate scheduled for 4/12/23 11:30am

-        In House Postsecondary Education and Workforce Subcommittee: Higher Education Appropriations Subcommittee; Education and Employment Committee

-        Passed House committee agenda 3/13/23 Postsecondary Education & Workforce Subcommittee & 7 yays, 3 Nays

-        Now in Education and Employment Committee in House, scheduled on 4/19/23

-        In Fiscal Policy subcommittee in Senate, 4/20/23


HB1/ SB202 - School Choice pushed by House Leadership, SB202 K-12 Education, by Sen Simon

-        Revises provisions allowing for the expansion of school vouchers, leading to increased funding leaving the Public Education system 

-        Referred to House Choice and Innovation Subcommittee, Pre K-12 appropriations subcommittee, Education Employment Committee, Education Quality Subcommittee

-        Favorable in House Education Quality Subcommittee: 13 Yeas, 3 Nays

-        Read Third time in House Passed (83 Yeas, 27 Nays)

-        In Messages and referred to Senate Appropriations

-        Favorable in Senate Appropriations Committee on Education 12 yeas, 6 Nays

-        Passed 2nd and 3rd reading, passed by House

-        Signed into law by Governor

HB543/SB150 - Public Safety by House Leadership, by Sen Collins in Senate

-        Allows for permitless carry

-        Huge priority of Gov and House leadership

-        Passed House, sent to Fiscal Policy in Senate, passed Fiscal Policy in Senate

-        Passed Senate on 3/30/23

-        Signed by Governor on 4/3/23

SB1718/HB1617 - Immigration by Sen Ingoglia, by Rep Michael in the House

-        Most anti-immigrant legislation filed at the state level

-        Makes it a 3rd degree felony to house an undocumented immigrant, expands E-verify, violates HIPPA by mandating healthcare providers to disclose immigration status

-        Referred to subcommittees in House and Senate

-        Passed Rules Committee in Senate, 15 yeas, 5 Nays

-        Now in Senate Fiscal Policy subcommittee

SB 300/HB7 - Abortion (Pregnancy and Parent Support) by Sen Grall and Reps Persons-Mulicka in House

-        6 week abortion ban

-        Referred to Healthcare Regulation Subcommittee: Health and Human Services Committee

-        Now in Healthcare Regulation subcommittee in House

-        In Senate Health Policy, Fiscal Policy

-        In House Healthcare Regulations Subcommittee as of 3/9/23

-        On Senate Committee agenda in Health Policy, 3/20/23, Passed

-        On Fiscal Policy agenda in Senate for 3/28/23, Passed

-        On Floor for Senate vote on 4/3/23, Passed

-        On 2nd reading in the House

-        Passed House

-        Signed into law by Gov on 4/13/23

SB102- Housing, by Sen Alexis Calatydud

-        banning rent control ordinances locally 

-        Voted favorable by Senate Community Affairs (9 yas, 0 nays)

-        Passed Senate

-        Favorable in State Affairs House Committee 18 yeas, 3 Nays

-        Now in Ways and Means Committee as of 3/10/23; scheduled to be heard on 3/20/23, substituted for SB 102, read 2nd time in House, passed

-        Signed by Governor on 3/23/23


SB 1112/HB 733 - Middle and High School Start Times by Rep Temple

-        Proposed moving all start times to 8:30am and after

-        Passed House on 3/31/23

-        Referred to Fiscal Policy in the Senate, on agenda for 4/20/23 if received 

-        On Senate Appropriations Committee on Education agenda, 4/18/23 11:30am 


HB 1331/SB1380 - Municipal Utilities by Rep Busatta-Cabrera, Sen Martin

-        Capping what municipal owned utilities can give to municipal governments 

-        Pathway to privatization for municipal owned utilities

-        Passed Energy, Communications and Cybersecurity subcommittee, passed on 3/21/23

-        Now in House Commerce Committee as of 3/23/23

-        No movement in Senate