AFSCME Florida Statement on Governor DeSantis Signing Bill Stripping Workers of Their Rights and Freedoms on the Job

AFSCME Florida Council 79 President and International VP Vicki Hall released the following statement today following the signing of SB 256:

“Freedom has always been earned from the bottom up. That is why we believe the collective voice of workers will overcome SB 256’s goal of silencing Florida’s dedicated public workers by stripping them of their freedom to speak up collectively and their right to join a union. Make no mistake, today is not the end, it is the start of the next chapter in our fight for justice, equality and freedom at work.

“Public service workers do what it takes to make our communities safe, healthy and strong. The frontline workers who care for our sick and elderly, protect our children, keep our streets clean and roads safe will continue to speak out when things are not right for Florida’s communities and our residents.

“Governor DeSantis signed this anti-worker legislation in a shameless attempt to curry favor with MAGA Republicans in a presidential primary. While he only talks about this legislation in reference to teachers, many dedicated workers in our state workforce, in our public schools, cities, counties and public hospitals will be impacted. He is trying to break us, but we will show that while extremist politicians come and go, our basic rights can never be erased.”